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Uncovering the Hidden Gems: 5 Must-Visit Places in Greece

The internet is overflowing with travel inspiration, but when it comes to idyllic escapes, the Greek islands consistently steal the show. Picturesque coastlines, charming villages, and turquoise waters paint a picture of pure paradise, making Greece a top contender for your honeymoon or romantic getaway. With countless islands to choose from, narrowing down your must-visit list can feel overwhelming. But fear not, lovebirds! We've curated a list of the 5 Must-Visit Places in Greece, each offering a unique blend of romance, adventure, and cultural immersion.

Image compliments of The Greek National Tourism

Peloponnese This stunning region, renowned for its olive groves, the richest vineyards in Greece, and an unbelievable variety of scenery has been bubbling just under the radar now slowly and rightfully finding its way to everyone’s bucket list. Offering just the right combination of nature, dreamy white sand beaches, and ultimate luxury accommodation, this laid-back destination is the predecessor of all spa and wellness destinations. It is, after all the home of the Olympics and the place where Hippocrates first prescribed therapeutic olive oil massages. Need we say more?


Looking for a Mykonos-style island without the crowds but still adorned with whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, and blonde-sand beaches? Meet Paros – an island that will tick all your boxes since it caters to every taste, every whim, and it does so without breaking a sweat all while offering an authentic and organic Greek experience.  You’ve got history, archaeology, culture, nightlife, water, land sports, and a bit of everything in between to keep you busy and happy!

Zagori When you’ve had enough beach, consider a hike. The north of Greece boasts wonderful trails and the Zagori Bridges and Villages hike is beautiful. Bordering Albania, the Pindos mountain

range is home to diverse trails and fairytale stone villages.

The picturesque village of Aristi in Zagori area.

Saronic Islands

With all the hype and attention going to Santorini and Mykonos, Saronic islands have largely and unfairly been left backstage even though they have plenty to offer. The closest Greek islands from Athens; Aegina, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses offer an exceptional combination of crystal water, a relaxing atmosphere, and long history. Each island has its own distinct character: Poros is excellent for sailing, snorkeling, and diving, Hydra wows its visitors with amazing architecture, Spetses stands out for the elegant mansions and classic elegance, while Aegina is ideal for family vacations and history buffs.


With epic cliff faces and luscious green landscapes tumbling into unbelievably clear, azure waters, Corfu will capture your heart from the moment you arrive. With a captivating mix of cultural influences that are noticeable not only in architecture but also in the local food, this radiant star of the Ionian is a timeless, cosmopolitan destination that is famed, among many things for its beautiful beaches and hospitality.

Image compliments of The Greek National Tourism

These lovely Greek Islands are a popular destination for every good reason. It isn’t just the glistening emerald water and the idyllic beaches, it’s the sunny skies, beautiful architecture and so much more. These islands are a virtual oasis, and there’s so much to explore. With a custom itinerary, we can make sure you see all of the places listed above and the ones you’ve been dreaming of.

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