• Cheryl Jones

How to Truly Disconnect When You are on Vacation

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Vacations are great, but in today’s very technological and digital age, it can be tough to disconnect with so many devices on hand. Instead of checking your social feeds and answering emails on vacations, here are some tips to truly disconnect when you are on vacation.

Let People Know You Are Signing Off

Before you even leave for a vacation, you should let your friends and family know you are taking a break from social media and technology. This way, your friends, and family won’t expect quick replies from you and won’t be worried if they don’t hear from you.

Stick To It!

While it is great to say you aren’t going to use your phone, you actually need to stick to it. This is often easier said than done, as lots of us simply don’t have the willpower to stay off of our devices. However, it will become easier if everyone you are vacationing with agrees to do the same thing.

Plan Ahead For It

You need to plan ahead of your vacation without your devices. That means bringing maps, bringing books or other things to do, and more. If you don’t bring things to do or keep you entertained, you will be very tempted to use your phone. Even if you only plan on using your phone for GPS or music, you will likely be tempted to use it to browse the internet or check out Instagram.

Do Something Active

Instead of just sitting around and moping because you can’t use your phone, you should plan to do something active. Not only will these activities force you to leave your phone behind, but they will also be incredibly fun. This could be anything, like hiking, swimming, kayaking or anything else you could think of.

Make It Harder On Yourself to Connect

If you aren’t great at sticking to your goals and find yourself giving in and going to your devices, you need to make that harder on yourself. One way to do this is to sign out of all your accounts or delete the apps for the duration of your trip. This extra step of downloading or signing in might help to deter you.

Get the App Moment

If you need to be on your phone during your vacation, you should get an app or other programs to be able to limit the time you spend on them. Apps like Moment tracks how long you spend on the phone and allows you to limit the time.

It’s time to relax. To really relax. And, rather than stay put at home, why not treat yourself to an all-inclusive spa vacation? You worked hard for that money – so spend some of it. You deserve it!