• Cheryl Jones

Dubai, not just a city to be seen but a city ‘to be experienced’.

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The words Luxury Vacation inspire the mind to imagine pristine locations with unforgettable sights and there are few destinations able to live up to the lush lifestyle offered by Dubai, where class and luxury emanate from the very foundations of the sleek buildings which create one of the world’s most impressive skylines.

Dubai is a city like no other, proudly holding the record for the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa boasts a spectacular panoramic view of this beautiful city where a picturesque swirl of modern architecture and thriving streets full of colorful markets are laid out in front of you. Dubai will give you a chance to wear that elegant outfit you’ve been saving because every moment spent in this lavish city will be a fancy occasion.

There are plenty of cultural activities to take part in, allowing you to feel more immersed in the city’s diversity. The Jumeirah Mosque and Sheikh Zayed Mosque are two of the only mosques in Dubai to invite visitors outside of the Muslim religion to visit the magnificent buildings. These phenomenal structures glitter inside and out, the walls and ceiling of the spacious domes are covered with an array of beautifully intricate designs and materials collected from around the world.

Al Fahidi Fort is said to be the oldest building in Dubai having been built in 1787, this fort provides an in-depth look into the history of the United Arab Emirates. Here you will see the extreme contrast between the city's past and present, and the immense effort that paved the road to this city’s development. Within the fort’s walls lies the Dubai Museum, an outdoor museum which tells the story of growth and evolution from a rural fishing village in the desert to the modern architectural giant that it is today.

The Heritage Village Oasis in Abu Dhabi allows for an immersive insight into the traditional desert lifestyle of the Emirates of the past, where the campfires, coffee pots and tents made from goats’ hair are displayed in an open museum. You can also watch local craftsmen demonstrating the creative process of traditional crafts with remarkable precision and skill.

Your trip would not be complete without a great view of the city’s famous skyline, so get ready to set foot on a luxurious Dhow boat and go on a cruise along the Persian Gulf for a breathtaking view of Dubai from afar while sipping on Gahwa, the traditional Arabic coffee. If it’s difficult for you to find your sea legs, then you’ll have a chance to view the spectacular sight of the shimmering city lights from dry land as you take a stroll along the beautiful Corniche walkways in Abu Dhabi while the sky darkens above.

If, however, you’re seeking a more adventurous experience, then a desert safari is the perfect way to explore as you unwind beneath the expansive Middle Eastern sky. After spending an incredible and culturally enlightening day riding camels, watching bird shows and driving through the dunes, the tour will come to a close with a wide array of delicious traditional meals in the desert under the stars. It’s not until you go out onto the golden brown dunes that you can appreciate the truth in the displays at the Dubai Museum and the Heritage Village as you travel across the landscape from which Dubai was born.

If there is one place in the world to shop, it’s in the United Arab Emirates, with some of the world’s largest and fanciest malls, Dubai’s shopping experience is one of a kind. Colossal shopping malls filled to the brim with the most luxurious brands imaginable have sprung up from this middle eastern desert along with the rest of this modern city, and what better way to take a break from a long day of shopping than skiing in one of the world's largest indoor Ski Slopes in the Mall of the Emirates.

Dubai is simply the world's most luxurious vacation destination, with a mixture of Middle Eastern culture and modern lifestyle so unique. This destination is bursting at the seams with one-of-a-kind experiences which cater to your very wildest dreams.

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