• Cheryl Jones

5 Ways to Keep the Spice Alive After Vacation

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

When you are reviving any relationship, many tips can help. Vacations are paramount in the re-kindling process and can assist in many ways. Here are some tips to keep that vacation spark alive!

EXCHANGE SOUVENIRS – When out and about with your love, sneak around and get them something special. Make sure they have no clue and that it’s not too large for them to find out. Wait until you get back home to exchange your gifts. The love will pour out no matter the present. You will be surprised at the feeling that accompanies this gesture.

PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP – While on vacation, especially a cruise, you have the option to book your next getaway. Make sure you agree on a destination and some activities to look forward to. To share in the anticipation together is exciting and allows room for a little more love. Your next trip will keep you both enthusiastic about your next sexy adventure together.

MAKE A PHOTO BOOK – There are plenty of sites that allow you to create a photo book of any memories you select. I have several and personally love the concept. Everyone loves pictures! It reminds me of a magazine for my excursions! I may just find an auto-version and begin a subscription on my own. This is thoughtful and will always provide special memories that you and your loved one can reflect on. Capturing a moment in time is a guaranteed method of reviving any lost memories from your adventure together.

FLIRT WITH EACH OTHER (LIKE YOU MET WHERE YOU VACATIONED) – Assume another character and use it on your trip. Be sure to use the term “stranger.” Lay it on thick to each other. Later, resurrect that same individual throughout your everyday lives. Don’t overuse the notion. Be sure to have a thoughtful wardrobe so you can fit your fantasy properly.

BE AWARE OF OUTSIDE INFLUENCE – Do not post your personal photos on the internet! Keep your love life private. It will allow for more intense encounters. Outside influences can be detrimental to any relationship. People’s opinions are just that! Do not let other people’s thoughts to dictate your happiness. Keep your couple photos private and let them spark the romance between you and your special person.

Now that you have ways to help keep the spice alive be sure to make the most of the love you share. If you love the one you’re with, always show them! Value your mate and appreciate their efforts by doing something special for them.

Need some help planning the next vacation? Never fear – that’s exactly why I’m around. I’ll manage absolutely everything. All you have to do is contact me!

Vacations are paramount in the re-kindling process and can assist in many ways.
Vacations are paramount in the re-kindling process and can assist in many ways.